Enhancing Plastics with CARE

Milliken cares. While working to advance the sustainability of its own portfolio of plastic additives and colorants, Milliken also helps customers to lower greenhouse gas emissions and their overall carbon footprint, reduce dependence on single-use plastics to create more durable, eco-friendly packaging, enhance plastic recycling and reduce overall waste.

Several of Milliken’s additive technologies help converters to manufacture more sustainably –– by reducing energy use, enabling the substitution of more environmentally friendly materials, and promoting the recyclability of resins such as polypropylene or the use of a higher percentage of recycled PP in end products.

At K 2019, learn more about Milliken’s partnership with PureCycle Technologies to advance closed-loop recycling of PP resin. Milliken and PureCycle will jointly hold a media event in Room 8 of Congress Center South on Friday, Oct. 18, at 10:00 am.

Future plastics
Sustainability is a serious issue for us. We have partnered with global experts and organizations to help develop solutions in plastics, and are investing substantial resources in the development of future plastics additives, colorants and more.
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