Enhancing Plastics with
Color, Care, Clarity and Performance. Together.
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We were prominently present at K 2019

Milliken develops innovative sustainable solutions that help polymer producers, converters and packagers reduce the impact plastics have on the environment and enable plastics to improve people’s lives for the better. Milliken will demonstrate the many ways in which it is “Enhancing Plastics with Color, Care, Clarity and Performance. Together."

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The core of Milliken’s sustainability and innovation

Milliken’s technical innovations that enhance recycling, reduce overall waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions are supporting government and industry efforts in the drive towards a plastics circular economy.

by Wim Van De Velde  |  October 08, 2019
Milliken Blog
Enhancing Plastics with Performance

Everybody wants plastic additives that result in faster, more efficient production, improved stiffness properties, superior protection from the sun’s UV rays and great aesthetics, and Milliken’s next-generation additives are doing just this.

by Emily Blair  |  October 07, 2019
Milliken Blog
Enhancing Plastics with Color

Making the right color choice is crucial to reach out to today’s consumer. KeyPlast® and KeyPlast RESIST™ colorants are suitable for a broad range of applications, and ClearTint™ colorants can deliver great visual appeal. All will be showcased at K 2019.

by Sami Palanisami  |  October 04, 2019
Milliken Blog
Enhancing Plastics with Clarity

At K 2019 Milliken shows that it is enhancing plastics with clarity using a transformative additive that enables converters to offer UltraClear polypropylene (PP), mono-material solutions that are cost-effective and easier to recycle.

by zach Adams  |  SEPTEMBER 26, 2019
Milliken Blog
Enhancing Plastics With Care

Milliken works to enhance plastics with care, helping customers to be more sustainable with longer lasting products that are easier to recycle.

by Veerle De Wolf  |  SEPTEMBER 3, 2019
Milliken Blog
Enhancing Plastics with Color, Care, Clarity and Performance. Together.

Milliken at K 2019: Plastic additives enhancing sustainability through science and chemistry

by Herrin Hood  |  July 15, 2019
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